Monday, 8 July 2013


If you haven’t heard, there’s going to be a summer this year in the UK. You know, like those ones in the 70s that I’m clearly, a-hum, too young to remember. And so if you’re looking for a lovely day out somewhere in Devon, I’ve taken the (somewhat self-interested) trouble to devise you a little schedule.

10am – Have a lie-in, you deserve it.

11am – Prepare a delicious picnic.

Noon – Drive to Powder Mills to sample the delights of talented ceramicist Joss Hibbs. Adjacent to the pottery, there’s a wonderful shop displaying Joss’s work, which is hewn using materials sourced entirely on Dartmoor, before being fired in a wood-fired anagama kiln. As well as many arts and crafts of local folk, including a certain novel, Joss offers ‘throwing courses’ in the spring and autumn, and you can watch her in action on this inspirational short film

Powder Mills Pottery

1pm – Visit the fabulous Warren Inn, the 7th or 9th (memory fails me) highest pub in England, its beer garden the moor itself, where Dartmoor ponies nuzzle you as you sample a pint of the local Jail Ale and marvel at the panorama. Inside, as well as there being a certain novel for sale, the fire has burned continually since 1845.


2pm – Take a walk up to Wistman’s wood, a beautifully eerie spot and one of only three copses of stunted oaks on the moor. You need to emerge before dark, though, when a pack of hellhounds are said to chase sinners (holds hand up) to their death.
Wistman's Wood

(These places were hugely inspirational for the texture and setting of the novel, and inevitably found their way into the narrative, albeit one of them is somewhat veiled.)

4pm – Return home via Powder Mills to sample one of the best cream teas around. 

And if you managed to resist buying a certain novel on your travels, there is still time to win a copy by leaving a comment here.

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