Monday, 28 January 2013


It's important to evoke your fiction visually if you can - scenes, characters, objects - in order to breathe life into your words, for them to resonate fully and come off the page. Some people are able to do this in their heads, but I like to keep a portfolio of images that have inspired a story or novel, something I can return to when I need reminding of the central themes / motifs / objective correlatives I had in mind at the fiction's genesis. A good way of doing this is Pinterest, where you can pin images to a board you've created, which you can then share or keep private. Here's the one I did for my forthcoming novel. And another for the work-in-progress. Much like a film director uses a storyboard, it can help focus your mind without using the currency you'll be sick of some days: words.


Katja Kaine (aspiring novelist and creator of The Novel Factory) said...

I agree so strongly with this. I've always collected images for this purpose, and had a go at creating graphic novel style storyboards, but my artistic skills (or lack thereof) have been a barrier. Using Pinterest is a stroke of genius - I've always just saved them in cluttered folders. Pinterest. Of course!

Van Mayhall Jr said...

This is great advice. It can really help with describing scenes, and it's much easier to describe something you see as opposed to making something up. In my own novel, a lot of my scenes were in Louisiana, where I live. So I was able to pull from that.

charleslambert said...

Nice idea, Tom.