Wednesday, 11 July 2012


In case you haven't heard, we're not getting a summer this year in the UK. Instead we have to listen to parents' reminisces of endless heatwaves in the seventies, when hosepipe bans were the norm and people covered themselves in vegetable oil, slowly cooking next to an egg that fried on the pavement, while dogs panted in the withering heat and children's ice creams slid down their fingers before they could eat them.

And so I'm off for a fortnight in search of a hole in the clouds that I believe sits above southern France. (All that sun and they hardly even play cricket.) Here's my reading pile thus far.

Winner of this year's Edge Hill Prize

Debut thriller with great reviews

Dark Icelandic novel, recently translated
by friend and colleague Lytton Smith

Great cover and blurb alone saw me buy this

Rare bit of non-fiction


...Verdict Book Reviews said...

Before I Go To Sleep definitely lives up to the hype. It was my book of 2011! It's a good thing you've got so many other books lined up for your summer reading, I can guarantee you'll get through this over a weekend alone. Happy Reading!

TOM VOWLER said...

Thanks, looking forward to that one.