Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I've been running an online short story course for a few months now, looking at the story's component elements, teasing out a little of the craft behind the art. It's had a great response and it's wonderful to see students go on to achieve success. And I'm now delighted to have teamed up with friend and author Zoe Lambert, who will be my fellow tutor, bringing her own interpretations and talents for this most exciting and intense literary form. The course largely takes the form of workshops, with weekly exercises and set reading. Students can interact on the site's forum, providing feedback on each other's work, and there is detailed analysis of your work by the tutors.

Have a look at the site, see what you think. (I built it myself, but using an idiot-proof template.) If you think you might fancy the course, or want to know a little more about it, come and ask. Study is done from home and in your own time.


Our Penguin In Havana said...

Hi! You mention that a part of the course is 'set reading,' what does this entail?

TOM VOWLER said...

We examine a number of published short stories from various genres and styles, both contemporary and classical.