Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Hound Tor
The lovely people at Cyprus Well are posting fiction podcasts by writers who live in the South West. Their first episode includes an extract from my forthcoming novel. (Follow this link, click on Writer Bites One, then scroll forwards to 33:19.) I chose this section to read as it captures much of the novel's aesthetic heart, namely its setting - the uplands of Dartmoor. Apologies if I sound a little nasally: tis the pollen season.


David P Perlmutter said...


Nice blog, now following. Why not follow me at,

My first ebook out very shortly.

Good to connect.

Rachel Fenton said...

Tom, you brilliantly capture the awkwardness of watching tv - even the supposedly safe wildlife show. Marvellous. Never forget my gran flicking over from an unnecessary graphic kiss on one side to bbc2 and the delilghts of bonobo chimps.

Love the evocation of the landscape, too.

TOM VOWLER said...

Hi David.

Thanks Rachel. And well done on your recent successes.

Rachel Fenton said...

Thanks very much, Tom, thanks very much indeed.