Monday, 25 April 2011


Short FICTION is delighted to name the longlisted stories for this year’s competition.

The shortlist and winner will be announced in the next week or so, chosen by award-winning Irish writer Gerard Donovan. The winner will receive £500 and have their story published in Issue 5, due out in the autumn.

A huge thank you to all who entered – the standard was especially high this year (the competition was open to writers at any stage of their career) and I know Gerard is going to have a tough time picking a winner. Everyone who entered will receive a copy of Issue 5, featuring the winning story plus some of the best short fiction from around the world.

‘Punctures’  by  Madeline Sonik

‘The End of the World’  by  Catharine Mee

‘Gulls’  by  A J Ashworth

‘Theatrics’  by  Wes Lee

‘Postman’s Knock’  by  Angela Sherlock

‘The Goldrush’  by  Louis Malloy

‘Squintar’  by  Annemarie Neary

'An Intimately Moral Universe'  by  Helen Banner

‘Butter’  by  Adnan Mahmutovic

‘When the Hearse Goes By’  by  Nuala Ni Chonchuir

'Shadowboxes'  by  Vanessa Blakeslee

'The Quiet Stars'  by  John Saul

‘Old Roffe’  by  Nigel Jarrett

'The Kambala Buffaloes’  by  Leo Madigan

(Apologies if the Short FICTION website is a day or so behind with this announcement, but its gremlins are as pervasive as ever.)

Friday, 1 April 2011


It was thrilling to see The Method make the longlist of the Edge Hill Prize - I’m still rather overwhelmed by the great reception the book’s had. There are some extraordinarily talented names on that list, so with no expectations of making the shortlist in May, I’ll cross some fingers anyway.

And then the day got even better. I’ve been working on the novel with an agent at AM Heath, and this week they signed me up. I’m off up to Lundin Town to meet him next week, walking through the same door a certain George Orwell used to. All very humbling.

Happy, as they say, days.