Friday, 25 November 2011


...for short story fans (and lovers of fine fiction).

I’m not one for putting hours of thoughts into people’s presents, but folk who know me at least get some bloody good fiction hanging above their fireplace. And so, in case you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few of my literary delights from this year.

I’d say this is one of the best literary journals out there, but I am biased. Our new issue is our most visual yet, featuring a graphic novel by Tony Barnstone and Dorothy Tunnell as well as the fully-illustrated, first two sections of Joe Wenderoth's Agony. Writers’ work is beautifully presented within its own chapbook, complete with bespoke illustrations. Over the years we’ve published some of the finest short fiction out there, discovering new names, whilst remembering brilliant current ones. Postage is free and there are sample stories on the website, including interviews. There are back issues available too (Short FICTION 3, I think, is remarkable in its quality and is only £7.)

A fellow Scott Prize winner, Patrick’s stories are beautifully wrought, slow-burning masterpieces that linger long in the mind. This is a one of those collections I hate lending to friends, lest I never see it again.

This year’s Edge Hill prizewinner, Graham is a writer you become genuinely excited about discovering. We’re publishing a fantastic story of his in Short FICTION 6 next year, a piece I read, sprinted to the editor’s office and, breathless, slammed it on his desk with an emphatic: YES.

Zoe Lambert’s stories span global conflicts, teasing out human stories that non-fictional accounts often fail to tell. Wonderfully crafted, they’re a salutary reminder of the silent casualties of war.

Oh, and did I mention my book? Probably have. Anyway, tis available at usual outlets, but for a signed copy there’s a link in the sidebar.

Happy book shopping.

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