Saturday, 7 May 2011


So, after almost two years in the writing (and researching, planning, editing and endless rewriting), my lovely agent submitted the novel to some publishing houses this week. It's a curious feeling, that all that effort, the above mentioned blood, sweat and beer, has come down to an email attachment arriving in some editor's inbox. And now we wait for the verdicts to come in.

Meanwhile, on the subject of waiting, I was wondering, if you found yourself washed up here, with only one book at your disposal, would it be a novel, a collection of poetry or a book of short stories, to keep you company until help arrived, or didn't? And if you want to name the book, all the better. 


about me said...

I think a collection of Murakami's stories - they're so surreal and almost anything can happen in them that reading the book would keep me convinced of my impossible rescue x

about me said...

and also, good luck! x

dan powell said...

All the best with the submission to publishers.

As for that island, I'd be reading (and re-reading) Amy Hempel's collected stories. She's the short fiction writer I keep returning to, whose heartbreaking stories live with me long after reading and have more to reveal with each subsequent reading.

Paul said...

A hybrid: The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll by Alvaro Mutis. It's a collection of 6 stories of 100 pages each. Quite a character. Quite a tale. Quite a telling.

And good luck with the novel prospects.

Jake Hull said...

I think poetry would suit me best. I'd have plenty of time to decipher the hidden rhythms and form of poetry which I delight in once I understand it.

I would hope the collection of poetry would be called:

Can't Drink Any of That Water

Good look with your ms.

Emma said...

A novel! Would have to be Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court, to remind me that life went on before me & will continue to do so. It's so flipping volumous that I'd have a ready made raft, too!