Sunday, 21 November 2010


If you’re, and I realise most of you won’t be, in Devon on Wednesday, I’ll be reading from the collection as part of National Short Story Week. It’s a wonderful venue, a converted church, purchased by a group of poets with lottery funding, overlooking the River Tamar. Andrew Motion was there a couple of weeks ago. I’ll also read from the novel set on Dartmoor, with a Q&A session and discussion on the short story, or anything else of interest that crops up.

The Method… got this lovely write-up on the Short Review, which went some way to ameliorate a flu-ridden week in which a builder delivered, in that inimitably apologetic-yet-gleeful way, news that a new roof was required.

I’ve still a few signed copies here if you’re, er-hum, after a stocking-filler. I can write anything you like inside the cover, as long as it’s not racist or overly sentimental, and postage is free (UK only). There's a clever little button in the toolbar on the left. If you don’t have a paypal account, drop me note.

And so, for one week only, you're only allowed to read short stories. It's the law.


Annalisa Crawford said...

I hate to be pedantic - but I'm going to anyway - er... Calstock is in Cornwall (sshhh, and sorry!)

TOM J VOWLER said...

Ha - you're absolutely right, Annalisa. I'm off to another county on Wednesday, albeit a couple of miles away. Okay - 'if you're anywhere near west Devon or East Cornwall...' :)