Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Please welcome short story writer Nik Perring, who's popped by to answer a few questions.

Welcome Nik.
Hi Tom.

What do you write?
I write very short stories. Stories about people who decorate their houses with Post-it notes because there’s something very important to them that they don’t want to forget, and about people who can never stop moving, and about women who vomit animals. And ones about men telling plants their secrets and women who fall in love in supermarket car parks. That kind of thing. Despite that, people seem to like them.

How do you write?
First drafts are always written with a fountain (Pelikan) into a notebook (Moleskine) not because I’m snobby, I should add, but because they work. Writing first drafts longhand also means that they get a very natural half-edit when they’re being typed up. It’s a process I’d recommend. (I’d also recommend reading your work aloud, to yourself, once you think you’re done – you might be surprised at the things that helps you to pick up.)

When do you write?
No specific time. I’m a fulltime writer and editor so I’ll be doing some kind of writing work during normal(ish!) working hours. And at weekends. Or at night. As with any job, it’s important that it’s taken seriously.

Who do you write (for)?
Blimey! Good question. Mostly, I think, I write for me. The theory is that if I enjoy something then others might too. That’s not to say that I don’t give readers a thought – but what I think I do is try and concentrate on telling good stories. People like good stories, so it seems a sensible thing to try to do.

Why do you write?
Probably because it’s the only thing I’m any good at. And because I love it, because it’s what I do. I love making things up and writing them down and I love that people, often, like what I write. Or so they say!

And I think it’s a compulsion too – I’m not sure I know any writers who don’t feel as though they HAVE to write. I think that’s a good thing...!

Thanks, Nik. Good luck with the book.

Nik Perring is a writer, and occasional teacher of writing, from the north west. His short stories have been published widely in places including SmokeLong Quarterly, 3:AM and Word Riot. They’ve also been read at events and on radio, printed on fliers and used as part of a high school distance learning course in the US.

Nik’s debut collection of short stories, NOT SO PERFECT is published by Roast Books and is out now. Nik blogs here and his website’s here. He also offers short story help here.

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Shazia said...

I have a 12 year old daughter who is posting whatever she wants to do later all the time.. I never thought I could write about her.. but your post above is givin me ideas and i completely agree with Nik .. writing is for self... the satisfaction is utmost important..
I must close my trap now
Hope your novel does good and a thumbs up to you ...