Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Lazing beneath olive trees to the febrile clack of cicadas, the warm mistral whipping overhead, then slipping into the pool, its turquoise water, limpid, cooling, keeping a white, corrosive sun at bay a while, then seeking shade to read, each sentence a soporific effort as the wine, heady and spicy, has its say, and

later, watching the moon rise, its quiet majesty lanced by a lone cloud, the cicadas piped down, allowing the tick tick of crickets to flourish, and by the walled garden a hawk moth flits above the nectar, its long proboscis silently at work, and

then later, making love to the scritch of the crickets’ lament, the night balmy, cloying, before waking to the distant church bell, faint on the breeze, fading to nothing, and heading to the pool, watching the robot that cleans traverse the bottom, silent, comically malevolent, and

now the clouds bank up from the west, a storm perhaps, but they clear to a perfect, cerulean sky, and so shade is sought for Scrabble and more wine, while guitar notes are plucked and bent, and

it’s evening again, supine on the grass, guessing at constellations, a million stars, Venus, solemn to the west, Hendrix riffs drifting out from the gîte, and we play boules under moonlight, under the influence, and

the next day, heads tender, exploring medieval towns, their narrow, cobbled streets winding endlessly upwards to the reward of cold beer, and off to a vineyard, our attempts at discourse clumsy, before driving up into the hills, the road serpentine, apparently maintained, cutting through the sea of verdant vines, and

home too soon.


Rachel Fenton said...

You can keep the bugs - I'll make do with the scenery!

I was laughing as I read because I could imagine I were you - there - my panic rising as I spotted all the different critters around me!

Glad you had a lovely time though :)

TOM J VOWLER said...

Thanks, Rachel. I didn't post the picture of Dave, the giant beetle, who live among us.

Rachel Fenton said...

That would just bug me ;)

Paul said...

In any case, welcome back. I'll watch for my postcard.

Anna-Marie said...

Sounds like you had an idyllic holiday (after I checked the online dictionary for the 4 words I didn't understand!) I wonder if I could write an ode to north wales after I get back from my camping weekend with 9 kids. May be slightly less romantic:)

TOM J VOWLER said...

And require lots of adjectives to describe rain, A-M!

Anna-Marie said...

Hehe, yes - like grim, loathsome and inexorable :)

TOM J VOWLER said...

Yep, them'll do for starters.