Thursday, 17 June 2010


We are delighted to announce the longlist (15) of stories for Short Fiction's New Writers Competition as below:

Sara Crowley – ‘The Art of Pain’

Bill McCormick – ‘The Race’

Lucy Dennison – ‘It Wasn’t Stockhausen’s’

Megan Tuite – ‘Couple’

Jenny Holden – ‘The Roman Forum’

Val Reardon – ‘The Existentialists’

Anne Elliot – ‘Light Streaming from a Horse's Ass’

Angela Sherlock – ‘The Diffraction of Light on the Fibres’

Jo Cannon – ‘Salt Man’

Louis Malloy – ‘The Pilgrims and the Half Good’

Kevin Hyde – ‘The Djinn of the Burj’

Robert Peett – The Feast of Stephen’

Frank Rizzuto – ‘Adriana’s Overcoat’

Jill Widner – ‘The Underwater Room’

R F Marazas – ‘Kayla March’

Congratulations to you all, the stories are wonderful. Good luck for the shortlist, which should be announced next week. The prize is publication in this year's issue, plus £300.

Thanks to all those who entered.

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Guinevere said...

Congrats to the winners!