Thursday, 8 April 2010


Reading your work to an audience is a bit like sex: nervous as hell the first time, you fumble about hoping all that preparation has paid off, wondering if you’re appreciated, if you’ll be asked back for more. (You never know what to do with your hands.) And then you find you’re beginning to enjoy it; you relax into it, delivery becomes natural, allowing you to concentrate on little flourishes, perhaps some telling eye contact. If you’re really good, a round of applause may accompany your denouement. Then you’ll go weeks, maybe months without, and then another glorious run unfurls, and you collapse exhausted at the end, lighting a cigarette.

So, off to the Charles Dickens Museum on Saturday to read a story. This coincides with the launch of the Willesden Short Story Journal, where the winner of their competition will be announced. As I’ve said before, that’s some shortlist, so I’m just happy to find my name among them really. I’ll get an extra copy to give away here, so keep an eye out.

And I’m also reading at Port Eliot this year. This wonderful festival blends great music with imaginative literary events, all set in the beautiful, historic grounds. It attracts some big names, and last year the Culture Show filmed there. Have a look at the website; there are still tickets left, but they go quickly. I’ll be camping, enjoying the beer, and one of my favourite local bands.

Let’s hope I go down well!

As you were.



Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday, Tom. It should be a good night!

Anna-Marie said...

Oo I say! You must have put in some terrific performances - I've never got a round of applause :D Good Luck with your readings, just take your time, try to appear as if you know what you're doing and I'm sure you'll go down splendidly. Wish I was there to see it (why does that sound really wrong?)

Mark said...

Hope you are at your tumescent best tomorrow ....