Saturday, 20 March 2010


I’m off to the Charles Dickens Museum in London next month for the launch of this literary journal. Fourteen stories, which make up the shortlist for the Willesden competition, the winner of which will be announced on the night, receiving the prestigious mug (and three hundred English pounds). I have to say I’m in rather talented company, and have therefore not made any plans on how to spend the money:

'Emily Strabnow's Freckles' - Willie Davis
'Falling' - Henrietta Rose-Innes
'In the Land of Flies' - Julia Goubert
'Letters' - Nuala Ní Chonchúir
'Love and Longing in the Marvellous City' - Jonathan Attrill
'Monkey Hat' - Kevin Spaide
'Precious' - Carys Davies
'The Architects' - Wena Poon
'Veronika and Roger-Roger' - Toby Litt
'Busy. Come. Wait.' - Tom Vowler

I think we all get a few copies each at the launch, so I’ll try to get everyone to sign their story and perhaps give one away here.

Meanwhile, a treat lined up for next week – an interview with a lovely Irish writer (see if you can spot her in the list above), whose debut novel is published next month. I’ve asked her a little about how she works, as you’re probably fed up hearing how I do.

Right, off to collate ingredients for tonight’s hangover-busting green curry.


Donna Hosie said...

Good luck, Tom. That £300 would buy a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, but I doubt that would interest you!

TOM J VOWLER said...

Well, I have to buy everyone a drink, so perhaps just one shoe.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

I am escaping to Ireland, to my writers' retreat, just so's I don't have to buy you a congratulations drink... Seriously, sorry to be missing this party. It will be great fun. pah.


Hangover curry - mmmm. I do hangover soup - yum.
Looking forward to meeting at the Willesden event.
And to the interview ;)

TOM J VOWLER said...

Shame you won't make it, V. Ireland sounds a good alternative.