Monday, 2 November 2009


I'm still webless, I'm afraid. The lovely telephone people went to the wrong cottage to connect me, and had the wrong mobile phone number for me. They've made vague assurances about next week. I'm currently in the library, where I get thirty whole free minutes to check several hundred emails and to post this.

Great to see so manay of you entered the competition below. I'll draw up a shortlist of five shortly and Lisa will pick her favourite, sending the winner a signed copy of her novel, Prince Rupert's Teardrop.

In the meantime, proof that I've left the city behind for a more bucolic, dare I say alternative existence, came through the letterbox by way of a 'Green Events' leaflet. There are some priceless (unintentionally) comic courses to attend, such as:

The Journey: Are you already in action but want to go deeper?

An Evening with Gordon Smith: Why do Bad Things Happen?
(Sod that philosophy degree - an evening would have done apparently.)

Five Animal Qigong Retreat

Fungal Foray - autumnal hunt for fungi with slideshow and feast
. (Now that's more like it.)

Gentle yoga with Derek the Dog

But my own personal favourite is:

Workshop on Angel and Animal Communication and Healing - communicate with lost and deceased animals - post photograph and sample hair.

Obviously time constraints mean I can't do all of these. Any suggestions?


Barb said...

Who's sample hair are you to post? Yours or one belonging to the pet that has passed on?

The mushroom night sounds the best bet, mainly because you get fed!

Glynis said...

Oh the choices you have! Mmm yoga with Derek the Dog? He has a two leg advantage! It could turn out like Twister. No,I think the Mushroom thingy sounds safer...unless there is a Toadstool amongst them!!!

Have fun whatever you choose :)

Barb said...

Ok, I've been thinking about this all afternoon - please go to Gentle yoga with Derek the Dog and let us knows what happens.

I keep going from seeing a black lab demonstrate the lotus for you, to it being some guy's nickname. You know, like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Paul Lamb said...

I keep checking every day. You'll sort it out, and I'll be waiting patiently.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Gentle Yoga with Derek the Dog sounds just my cup of tea.
Communicating with the angel of my deceased gerbil....
-Hellooo? is that you Ratty?
-Oh Ratty, how wonderful!
-How soft and white your fur is...
-Squeak squeak
-Ow! Bloody hell. You BIT me, Ratty...

Tom. Where on thie planet have you moved to?? or IS it on this planet? Are you sure you havemt decamped to Pluto?

David J Griffin said...

The Fungal Foray sounds good. But ––

- autumnal hunt for fungi with slideshow and feast.

At the same time? ; )