Friday, 4 September 2009


The submission period for the literary journal I help edit, Short FICTION, has just opened. As a green initiative we are only accepting electronic submissions for 2010’s issue, which can be sent to ‘shortfiction at uppress dot co dot uk’. There are some great contributing editors on board: Ali Smith, Toby Litt, Helen Oyeyemi, Mike McCormack and others. There is a strong visual edge to the journal, with each published story having its own illustrated chapbook.

Novel extracts are welcome, as are long shorts. In fact we’re encouraging stories of 5,000 words and above, though shorter fiction will still be considered. Wondering what we look for in a story? Treat yourself to one of the earlier issues. For a flavour, have a read of Kevin Barry's brilliant story, 'Rico Spoke' HERE.

If you’re on Facebook, you can find us HERE; why not come and say Hello…

Look out for the launch of Short FICTION 3 in November.


Anonymous said...

Do you accept work that's been previously published in North America?

TOM J VOWLER said...

Stories must be unpublished.