Monday, 14 September 2009


Anyone ever played this? Bit of fun post-dinner party / shindig / rave.

You need: a large selection of novels; some people – the more the merrier; pens and paper; an imagination.

Everyone chooses a book, obscure ones that nobody’s likely to have read in a while. Players take turns to read their book’s title, its author and the blurb on the back. They then write down, unseen, its first line, whilst the other players write down plausible alternatives. The reader collects them all in, mixes them up with the correct one, before reading each one aloud in a neutral tone. Players get ten points for guessing correctly, and five points for everyone who chose their answer instead of the correct one. Most points after each person has read wins.

As a writer, I should be good at this. I’m not.


Alison said...

Bet I would beat you at this version too ;)

TOM J VOWLER said...

Yes, I imagine you would. Now get back to work!