Monday, 20 April 2009


You’ve sat down, focussed, committed. Phone off, kids out, cat fed. The morning stretches out long and far, longing to be filled with beautiful, lyrical prose. You flex fingers like a concert pianist, inspiration just moments away. And then a little voice, malevolent yet friendly, suggests you could just do that other thing quickly. It won’t take a moment, probably help with the writing anyway.

My current top ten.

  1. Cleaning the rollers inside my mouse to improve its performance. (This one is almost guilt-free as it’s loosely related to work.)
  2. Post something on here. (See above mitigation.)
  3. Tune guitar down a semi-tone.
  4. Tune back up again. Clean said instrument.
  5. Change chapter from first- to third-person narrative.
  6. Change back again.
  7. Oil (again) and further knock in cricket bat, making instant enemies of neighbours.
  8. Read writing-related blogs. Leave comments. Follow debate.
  9. Pick England XI to win the Ashes this summer. (Entirely guilt free: very important, this one.)
  10. Arrange bookshelves from author into genre then to title. Consider CDs.


Tania Hershman said...

All I can say is...your mouse still has rollers? Optical, where's your optical mouse?? Going to buy one of those, after doing copious research on the Internet, is fabulous procrastination... of course, you can never use the "cleaning the rollers" excuse again.

TOM J VOWLER said...

I tried one of those optical mice but there was no where to plug it in on my typewriter.

Alison said...

Kids? Cat? Where did they come from? ;)

TOM J VOWLER said...

You mean I don't have any? They must be in my imagination; shit, I'm madder than I thought.

Vienna Maurel said...

For me the war is on:
a) cups of tea
b) yoga workouts (more than needed)
c) cleaning (suprsingly enough, I tend to hate it)
d) reading
e) e-mailing, blogging, telephone
f) Organising my pictures
g) eating (thank God for b)!
h) Staring at the wall with a blank mind
i) more cups of tea...
j) And, of course, my day work tends to get in the way all the time!
Nice to know I'm not the only one fighting this war.

Anonymous said...

Such a man, Vowler. What about pairing up your socks (orders the mind for writing), drinking gin (more than one to ward off depression - need to be happy to write...probably), cleaning the kitchen (cleanses the mind for ideas) the windows (clear windows, clear mind)...making beefburgers ( scrunching ingredients together - mulling over ideas)...putting washing in the mmachine (turning of knobs = turning ideas in the brain)...I think you've hardly started...