Thursday, 19 March 2009


This is a picture of where, on a good day, writing happens. As you can see, I’m tidy enough to keep a psychoanalyst in business for a month or two. Post-its remind me to WRITE. YES YOU. NOW instead of indulging in the usual procrastination of blogging or practicing cricket shots in the mirror.

I love looking at other writers’ rooms. The Guardian has a hundred such pictures of well-known writers’ places of torture…erm, I mean creative joy. You can see them HERE.

What’s worrying is the number who have large signs just above their screens saying DON’T PANIC.


Heroinhead said...

Tom, Infamous British serial killer Dennis Nilsen murdered my father... come across to my blog and read the story.

Hope to see you soon, Shane.

Douglas Bruton said...

Nice chair... is that a seat belt I see on it? I know writing can sometimes be a bumpy ride, but I never thought....


Annabel said...

Hi Tom! Nice place to write!
Here's mine:


TOM J VOWLER said...

It's a shadow, Douglas - one of those rare days in Plymouth when the sun came out!

Paul Lamb said...

I don't think I could write facing a wall like that. I do most of my work at a large dining table. I seem to need open space before me. (Of course, at the office I face cubicle walls on three sides, but nothing creative happens there anyway.)