Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Today’s research is gonna be a messy affair. One of my characters is a potter, so I thought I’d better see exactly what she gets up to. The (larger) hands in the above picture belong to friend and potter, John Pollex. He’ll be the one laughing as my clay disperses from the wheel in all directions. You can see his wonderful work here.


John said...

Tom, regretably not many students get that sort of one to one teaching these days, it's a lovely picture. Good luck with the rest of your research and I look forward to reading the finished novel. John

Douglas Bruton said...

Good to see the numbers beginning to add up to something... must feel like a good solid start by now... nearing 12,500.

Just letting you know I am still watching and willing you onwards.


TOM J VOWLER said...

Thanks, Douglas. Passing the 10k mark did feel good; good to have someone tossing me bottles of water from the sidelines!

CathM said...

The research looks fun... enjoy the process!